Omni-Ingestor: Manual Pump

More than 100,000 pits are emptied every day by men using shovels and buckets. The Manual Pump provides a safe, sanitary, affordable alternative that will increase profitability for manual emptiers.

Built to be carried and operated by just one person, the pump quickly empties shallow, low-volume pits containing thick sludge and debris. The emptier does not need to enter the pit. An easy-to-clean strainer captures debris and prevents clogging of the valves. Delivered as a kit and built with locally sourced components, the pump is inexpensive and easily maintained.


  • Foldable design makes it easy to carry or roll.
  • 4-step setup is quick and easy.
  • Takes just 1 minute to access, clean, and replace the strainer and valves.
  • Pumps more than 1 liter per second. 


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